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The disappearance of rwanda s forests and attendant change in climatic conditions prompted the government to explore clean energy alternatives such as biogas. The objectives of this article is to understand how girinka programme. Minagri weekly flash n abdul latif jameel poverty action lab. President paul kagame inaugurates a solarpowered irrigation scheme in kirehe district. Indigenous knowledge, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship in rwanda. Girinka programme, poor household, huye, gisagara, rwanda. The girinka program was approved as one of the implementation measures for national key leading policy, strategies and programs.

India and rwanda have signed eight agreements in the fields of defence, trade, agriculture, leather and allied products and dairy. Urwego rwigihugu rwimiyoborere rwanda office governance. We present evidence from rwanda s girinka one cow per poor family program that has distributed more than,000 livestock asset transfers in the form of cows to the rural poor since 2006. In this case, the study has assessed the extent to which girinka is transforming lives of huye citizens by reducing its poverty level. This brief examines the literature on gender and the dairy value chain in rwanda, particularly related to the girinka program. Ministry of agriculture and animal resources minagri, po.

The girinka program, the one cow per poor family is the cornerstone livestock. On march 11, 2020, kirehe, president paul kagame inaugurated nasho irrigation scheme, a center pivot irrigation project that has been developed in. Women livestock keepers in rwanda also face higher rates of illiteracy and less access to. The girinka onecowperpoorfamily program was created in response to the extreme.

Gender in the dairy value chain and implications for the. Rwanda s economic development and poverty reduction strategy edprs provides a medium term framework for achieving the countrys long term development aspirations as embodied in rwanda vision 2020, the seven year government of rwanda gor programme, and the millennium development goals. Since its introduction in 2006, more than 198,000 beneficiaries have received cows. The approach consists of providing a milk cow to poor households in order to ensure milk supply to children. Agricultural program interventions are well aligned to contribute to agricultural transformation the national agricultural development agenda. The impact of the girinka one cow per poor family program on household income in gatsibo district, rwanda mutarutwa nkusi christian a152ea223652011 a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of master of science agribusiness management and trade, in the school of agriculture and enterprise development of. This study was carried out to assess the impact of the girinka program on its beneficiaries livelihoods and food security in the bugesera district of rwanda and its potential contribution to climate resilience. Contemporary ubudehe is a government of rwanda poverty reduction initiative which provides communities with the skills and support necessary to engage in problem solving and decision making for their development.

The national agricultural extension strategy therefore, aims to contribute in achieving the national and international development goals. Each of rwanda s districts has a rab focal person who liaises with sector and district vet officers, selection officers, local administration and the girinka program coordinator. Girinka program on its beneficiaries livelihoods and food security in the. The girinka program one cow, one family provides evidence that agriculture is a key sector in malnutrition reduction in rwanda.

Girinka is a program that was established in 2006 by current rwandan president paul kagame to reduce rwanda s high rates of poverty and child malnutrition. India, rwanda sign 8 agreements in various fields download pdf doorsteptutor material for competitive exams is prepared by worlds top subject experts. One cow per poor family project and construction of house to. Unlike at any other time in rwanda s history, more and more rwandans in rural areas are becoming owners of cattle because of the government of rwanda s agricultural direct assistance and poverty reduction programme known as girinka. In 2008, the program won the united nations public service award for excellence in service delivery. The government of rwanda started the one cow per poor family. This program is expected to impact more than 350,000 households which count for more 1,500,000 of people. Pdf livestock asset transfers with and without training. To do this, they presented to the district with 20 female cows on march 6th, 20. This article discusses an indigenous approach labelled girinka programme.

However, after the initiation of the girinka program, research showed poverty reduction in bugesera district. The general purpose of the study is to find out the role of girinka munyarwanda program in the development of rwanda. Rwanda has formulated an agricultural policy, adopted in october 2004. A case study of the girinka programme in rural rwanda. The program has contributed to an increase in agricultural production in rwanda especially milk production and products, reduced malnutrition and increased. Repubublic of rwanda ministry of agriculture and animal resources rwanda agriculture board rab the one cow per poor family program girinka in rwanda this program is among home grown initiatives geared at poverty reduction and particularly through fighting malnutrition.

Girinka one cow per poor family program documentary from. Some of these programs include the girinka program one. It was carried out in gatsibo district, eastern province of rwanda. During rwanda s 1994 genocide, 90 per cent of cattle. The girinka program is one of the strategies towards these objectives. The purpose of this research is to ascertain the extent to which girinka program is impacting lives of different rwandans particularly on poverty reduction. The target of this program was to provide at least 1 cow to each poor family. One million more out of poverty in rwanda world bank blogs. Ubudehe is one of rwanda s best known home grown solution because of its participatory development approach to poverty reduction.

It aims to enable every poor family to access a dairy cow for. The girinka program is a rwanda style social safety net program that was introduced in 2006. Livestock asset transfers with and without training. Today ubudehe is one of the countrys core development programs. Reinventing girinka program in the postgenocide rwanda girinka program is a home grown solution that emerged from the 2006 national umushyikirano council nuc as a propoor program to help poor families improving their welfare. August 2012 rwanda girinka, or one cow per poor family, was initiated in response to the alarmingly high rate of childhood malnutrition and as. The available evidence suggests that this program increased household income through the sale of milk and because fertilization of soils with manure has also raised crop yields. The girinka program aims to reduce extreme poverty in rural areas of rwanda by. Within six months of the program s introduction in 2006, 248,566 cows had been distributed to poor households. Exploring the success and challenges of the girinka 1. Know about rwandas 1 cow for 1 poor family program. The goal of the girinka program 2006 present is to increase hou sehold income and reduce child malnutrition among poor households through livestock asset transfer. A policy included in the strategy is the one cow per poor family program, also referred to as girinka.

The girinka program aims to reduce extreme poverty in rural areas of rwanda by providing each poor family with a cow. Girinka has contributed to an increase in agricultural production in rwanda especially milk products which have helped reduce malnutrition and increase incomes. Those cows were contributed by minagri staff and its affiliated agencies to assist genocide survivors as rwanda is going to start the commemoration period for the. Does the girinka program improve the nutrition of young. National umushyikirano council nuc, as a propoor programme to. The study comprises of the total population of 281, during primary data collection, questionnaire and interview are used to gather information from 52 beneficiaries of girinka program.

The impact of the girinka one cow per poor family program on. Girinka programme is a home grown solution that emerged from the 2006. Girinka program, and on the construction of shelters for vulnerable people in all. Opportunities and challenges in rwandas girinka programme. In the process, the rwandan government has reclaimed the cow as a traditional symbol of prosperity. Republic of rwanda of 04062003 and was established by law n 252003 of 15082003 modified and complemented by law n172005 of 1882005 establishing the. Rwandas one cow per poor family program turns ten years old. Impactevaluaonoftheonecowper \ poorfamilyprograminrwanda vedastendahindwa lectureruniversityof rwanda easstimpactevaluaon. The word girinka can be translated as have a cow and describes a centuriesold cultural practice in rwanda whereby a cow was given by one person to another, either as a sign of respect and gratitude or as dowry ah, there is another idea for media to spin.

The program aims to provide 350,000 cows to poor families by 2017. The girinka program coordinator, based at the rab, is responsible for coordinating the activities of girinka. Gender in the dairy value chain and implications for the girinka. The program helps citizens to use local institutions to achieve goals set by. The one cow per poor family girinkaprogram is an initiative by president of the republic of rwanda h. The girinka programme has changed lives of many rwandans the one cow per poor family girinka program is a program that aims at enabling every poor household to own and manage an improved dairy cow. The agreements were signed following delegationlevel talks between prime minister narendra modi and rwandan president paul kagame in kigali, the capital city of rwanda. Beneficiaries must not already own a cow, must have constructed a cow shed, have at least 0. Girinka one cow per poor family program has been implemented in rwanda since 2006 for. This study aims to contribute to the knowledge of the girinka program by. Exploring the success and challenges of the girinka 1 programme.

National agriculture policy ministry of agriculture and. Gahunda ya girinka yagize uruhare rungana na 34% mu kurwanya ubukene bukabije cyane mu rwanda. As a consequence, the government has embraced a broad propoor social protection programme to address poverty and vulnerability amongst the poorest households in rwanda, one of the key components of which is the one cow per poor family programme the girinka programme. Productive role of safety umurenge programme vup, rwanda. Pdf girinka or the onecow per poor family program is currently being promoted as a poverty reduction strategy in rwanda.

The title of this paper is government programs in transforming lives of rwandans. Pdf cattle manure management in rwanda a case of girinka. Case of vision 2020 umurenge programme vup, rwanda social protection southsouth learning forum 2011 addis ababa ethiopiaaddis ababa, ethiopia may 29may 29june 03june 03 justine gatsinzi national coordinator vision 2020 umurenggge programme. Pdf the contribution of girinka reconciliation approach. We can cite the vision 2020 umurenge program vup or the girinka program, targeting the poorest people and providing them respectively with some bene ts or one cow per family.

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