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Stephen hawking m theory makes god unnecessary original quote. The universe explained parallel worlds m theory string theory dr. He received his doctorate from the university of california in 1972, and for three decades has held the henry semat chair and professorship in theoretical physics at the city college of new york. Michio kaku will be speaking at brand minds 2020 and we are very excited.

Michio believes mankind lives in a multiverse that marries the ideas of buddhism, which believes the world always existed with the theory presented in genesis that the world was created at a single point in time. In string theory, all particles are vibrations on a tiny rubber band. Is string theory the only game in town like michio kaku. String theory and the hidden structure of spacetime dr. Building on the foundations laid in his introduction to superstrings and m theory, professor kaku discusses such topics as the classification of conformal string theories, knot theory, the yangbaxter relation, quantum groups, and the insights into 11dimensional strings recently obtained from m theory.

He is an esteemed theoretical physicist and one of the worlds leading authorities on string theory essentially an attempt to discover a theory of. Introduction to superstrings and mtheory by michio kaku. Building on the foundations laid in his introduction to superstrings and m theory, professor kaku discusses such topics as the classification of conformal string theories, knot. Theoretical physicist michio kaku explains the basics of string theory in this clip from his floating university lecture. I watched a few of michio kaku s videos from the series big talk on youtube, such as alien brains and will mankind destroy itself. Now, string theory, in turn, can be summarized in an equation about an inch long. What are they and when will the theories on the edge of progress change our lives. So string theory continued to dominate the agenda of physics conferences and physics publications, but there are no sensational results that can generate popular headlines. There are parallel universes out there populated by our. But kaku s foundational contributions to string field theory brought physicists the closest theyve ever come to actually achieving it. Big think is the leading source of expertdriven, actionable, educational content with thousands of videos, featuring experts ranging from bill clinton to. Michio kaku is a theoretical physicist and cofounder of the string field theory, a branch of the string theory.

String theory is so advanced and sophisticated mathematically that we physicists are still trying to find its ultimate form. Strings, conformal fields, and mtheory michio kaku. Superstring theory is an attempt to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one theory by modeling them as vibrations of tiny supersymmetric strings. String field theory then uses the mathematics of fields to put it all into perspectives. Building on the foundations laid in his introduction to superstrings and m theory, professor kaku discusses such. Introduction to superstrings, 2012, 588 pages, michio kaku. Todays theoretical physics sounds like ancient magic, but its looking forward, daring to imagine endless possibilities. This is accomplished at the level of perturbation theory by finding a collection of vertices for joining and splitting strings, as well as string propagators, that give a feynman diagramlike expansion for string scattering amplitudes. Introduction to superstrings and mtheory graduate texts. Perhaps the most deeply entrenched commonsense notion about our world is that it is 3dimensional. Kaku expects that one of the treats available with this theory is the ability to explore black holes and determine if they are a potential escape route to other universes. Michio kaku, a theoretical physicist and the cofounder of string field theory, gives a lecture in 2012. Theoretical physicists are those scientists who work in that twilight zone cu.

However its frequently said that its the best contender for describing the physics of quantum gravity. We find that, in second quantized field theory language, the rather mysterious features of matrix models have an intuitively transparent interpretation, similar to standard gauge theory. Physicist michio kaku has some powerful predictions for. However, to jump from his excellent presentation on this topic to argue that it must be the christian god, or even the abrahamic god is a leap of unbelievable proportions. A button that says download on the app store, and if clicked it. Kaku skillfully guides us through the latest innovations in string theory and its latest iteration, m theory, which posits that our universe may be just one in an endless multiverse, a singular bubble floating in a sea of infinite bubble universes. This is a book for the really serious student of string theory. Weve talked about this with brilliant physicist, father of the string theory michio kaku. Many prominent theorists picked up and advocated smatrix theory, starting in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s. The quadratic term would give the propagation of the free string, and once and. Knowledge is useless if you dont share it, michio kaku. He is the author of many fascinating books on the nature of our reality and the future of our civilization.

Hyperspace parallel worldsa journey through creation, higher dimensions, and the future of the cosmos for like a journey to the future of science and technology,you may check out. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read strings, conformal fields, and topology. Thus, string field theory is the gauge theory of the universal string group in much the same way that yangmills theory is the gauge theory. Michio kaku is an internationally recognized authority in einsteins unified field theory and in predicting trends that affect business. In any case, isnt there a parallel universe in which theres a michio kaku who reckons string. String field theory international journal of modern. Physics of the impossible, by michio kaku the independent. Michio kaku to speak about the next wave of energy innovations. This conversation is part of the artificial intelligence podcast. String theory and the end of space and time with robbert dijkgraaf duration. Michio kaku is a theoretical physicist, futurist, and professor at the city college of new york. Well, if youre up for some cosmology,ill say michio kaku s. Michio kaku, a theoretical physicist and string theory expert, is one of the most well known scientific commentators in the world. String theory represents an outgrowth of smatrix theory, a research program begun by werner heisenberg in 1943 following john archibald wheelers 1937 introduction of the smatrix.

Smarter faster big think is the leading source of expertdriven. I can tell you about the future of your mind, ama im a henry semat professor of theoretical physics at the cuny graduate center, a leader in the field of theoretical physics, and cofounder of string field theory. String theory does not win a nobel, and i win a bet. Dr kaku s goal is to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified field theory, a theory that seeks to summarise all fundamental laws of the universe in one simple equation. Kaku s book, at 568 pages, is a comprehensive, selfcontained text on string theory it contains useful summaries of mathematical topics such as index theory, cohomology, and kahler manifolds. Michio kaku is the cofounder of string field theory, and is one of the most widely recognized scientists in the world today. He has written 4 new york times best sellers, is the science correspondent for cbs this morning and has hosted numerous science specials for bbctv, the discoveryscience channel. Michio kaku is the cofounder of the string field theory which he believes is the theory. Kaku is an absolute genius and string theory is getting some empirical evidence now, as is multiversal theory. Physicist brian greene explains superstring theory, the idea that minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe. String theory simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Michio kaku on the multiverse, levels of consciousness. String theory is the only game in town, he says, and you cant afford not to play it to the end. String theory, we think, is a theory of everything. New findings have physicists questioning reality youtube. Michio kaku starts the first video below by explaining his string theory as it relates to the multiverse.

Superstring theory is a shorthand for supersymmetric string theory because unlike bosonic string theory, it is the version of string theory that accounts for both fermions and bosons and incorporates supersymmetry to. Download subtitles and closed captions cc from youtube. The renowned theoretical physicist will address electrical power. The geometric formalism therefore reduces string field theory to a problem of finding an invariant under a new local gauge group we call the universal string group usg. The wall street journal his scientific view is out of this world. There are many compelling reasons to take this view such as the fact that, with relatively little in the way of new conceptual. Strings, conformal fields, and m theory, michio kaku, jan 1, 2000, science, 531 pages. Introduction to superstrings by michio kaku books on. String field theory sft is a formalism in string theory in which the dynamics of relativistic strings is reformulated in the language of quantum field theory. He has taught at the city college of new york for 25 years and currently holds the. String theory ridere e soffrire live heihe china duration.

String theory is unique at this time because, as kaku pointed out, it is the only game in town that truly has the potential to be a theory of everything. It goes without saying that length, width, and breadth suffice to describe all objects in our visible universe. Download free demo request pricing regional offices license types. We generalize the nonpolynomial closed string field theory, first developed by the author and the kyoto and mit groups, to the d2 case. Some superstring theories seem to come together on a shared range of geometry that, according to string theorists, is apparently the geometry of space. While he speaks in simple language, i totally disagree with a lot of his views and future predictions. Science writer john horgan wins a 2002 bet with physicist michio kaku that by 2020 no unified theory of physics will win a nobel prize. Kaku holds out hope for salvation through string theory and advanced technology which may someday enable intelligent life to avoid this fate by escaping to another universe. Michio kaku, who is highly regarded in the scientific community thanks to his work in helping to popularise the string theory, has developed a new theory. Michio kaku live at brand minds 2020 brand minds medium. Noted physicist says string theory suggests were all.

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