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Ndsp provides commands the capability to significantly deter drug abuse by completely randomizing urinalysis procedures. Bumed is currently working on providing those forms directly from this site. Use of the dod id number in the navy and marine corps drug testing programs navadmin 10217 and maradmin 53416 publish date. Navy marine corps public health center specimen submission. The upc is responsible for the overall success of the commands urinalysis program in accordance with reference a. Jul 25, 2014 individuals being administered the breathalyzer are to be randomly selected by the dod drug testing program software, meaning the same individual undergoing a urinalysis will be administered a. Develops, modifies, enhances, and sustains new or existing computer applications, software, or utility programs following software assurance best practices throughout the software lifecycle. Navy website sponsored by the department of the navy don chief information officer, the department of defense enterprise software initiative esi and the dons esi software product manager team at space and naval warfare systems center pacific. Enterprise software initiative cochairs floyd groce, of the department of the navy, and jim clausen, of the department of defense, received the loyal user award.

Become a member of our supply community and youll be notified of new products, laborsaving innovations, and special promotions tailored specifically for the u. Urinalysis tests given to new recruits falls under this category. The army substance abuse program this mandated revision, dated 28 november 2016. Requesting urinalysis documents 419, page 37 drugtesting program software 420, page 38. During the past six years, navy drug screening program ndsp has been an integral part in the success of navy s urinalysis program.

The navy has successfully operated a urinalysis program for the past 20 years. In 1981, the navy s expanded forensic urinalysis program was established as the most cost effective and scientifically supportable means of detecting drug abuse. The result is an actual working tool for the fleet. Nns the center for personal development cdp has completed the production of an online urinalysis program coordinator upc course, now available through navy elearning. Key developments of the urinalysis program include. Marine corps units and commands should mail urinalysis and steroid testing samples to this address. It also provides simulations of the navy drug screening program ndsp to help the upc familiarize them with the software. Study flashcards on urinalysis program coordinator at. We find red blood cells and more cotton fibers in it than usual. Navy yard program who are selected to provide a urine sample. The military will never admit its urinalysis program is flawed. The new upc course is now available on navy knowledge online nko and can be found under the course number cppdupc2. Navy announces new drug testing parameters after year of.

Which navy instruction provides policy on the mgmt. Additionally, upon direction from the commanding officer co the urinalysis program coordinator upc is authorized up to five unit sweeps annually. Nnavy drug screening program ndspavy drug screening program ndspavy drug screening program ndsp the navy has successfully operated a urinalysis program for the past 20 years. Shows the procedures of implementing a drug testing urinalysis program in the air force. Navy drug screening program ndsp ndsp software information and resources. Navy drug testing program software change to require dod id. Ppt navy drug testing program powerpoint presentation. Mar 01, 2006 the new policy will not change testing procedures, but may ultimately result in jail time and a separation from the navy. By examining a mere 30 ml of urine, drug testing laboratories can now pick up several forms of not giving a shit to include service, command. This course provides all the information a upc needs to know to run the command urinalysis program. The nps institutional archive theses and dissertations thesis collection 199403 drugdog 3. The navy drug screening program ndsp collection software version 5. It is the navy s goal to be free from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

Requesting urinalysis documents 419, page 37 drugtesting program software 420, page 38 maintaining drugtesting program records 421, page 38 ar 60085 28 november 2016 iii. All urinalysis program coordinators will have the same access to mark samples as viewed. The upc shall conduct urinalysis screenings up to four times a month using the navy drug screening program ndsp computer to randomly select 15 to 40 percent of command personnel. We serve as the headquarterslevel technical authority on forensic drug testing and manage the navy drug testing program. Bb and pl discrepancy code frequently asked questions navy personnel. Navy announces new drug testing parameters after year of record low positives. Nmcphc functions as the navy s ultimate technical authority on drug testing matters for the navy and marine corps. The command upc will be an e7 or above and aupcs will be e5 or above.

Adding prescription drugs to the standard testing panel adding spice to the standard testing panel. New urinalysis tests whether military members actually give. Navy says it will still do urinalysis tests to the. Worst uniform inspection ever lol that one dirtbag like, comment, share, share,share duration. Software products by our colleagues navpac and compact data 20112015. References a through c promulgates comprehensive guidance for a unified navy alcohol and drug abuse program and assigns specific responsibilities to the urinalysis program coordinators upcs as well as the drug and alcohol program advisor dapa. Match the computer software programs to their correct application. Which navy instruction provides policy on the management of the command urinalysis program opnavinst 5350. Admits collects data on alcoholrelated incidents, screenings, treatment, and drug testing results. Unit commanders are allowed to pause or reduce collection if, at the discretion of the command. Although the united states navy has had a mandatory random urinalysis program in effect for many years, there has never been a formal, standardize methodology to implement the process. Does not apply to testing by the armed forces medical examiner system afmes pursuant to the dod executive agency of the secretary of the army, and dodd 56. For nmci network users, contact nmci via your local ctr and submit a mac move and change request to. Navsta urinalysis program reinforces zero tolerance.

Navy is committed to providing quality care for all members in need of alcohol abusedependency treatment however. Military personnel drug abuse testing program mpdatp. The navy drug screening program ndsp software will be. What are the urinalysis coordinator answers on nko. Urinalysis program coordinator responsibilities navy medicine. Recognizing navy s investment in every sailor, those who are diagnosed as alcohol abusers or alcohol dependent should be returned to full duty status upon successful. Commands shall process for adsep all members considered to be treatment failures, unless a written waiver is obtained fromnavperscom.

This product is a publication of her majestys nautical almanac office of the united kingdom. Email reports to the regional adco via chain of command. Under, new navy user registration guide you will find instructions on how to register to view your command results on the web portal. Due to technical issues with naval forms online, some navmed forms are not available. Nmcphc functions as the navys ultimate technical authority on drug testing matters for the navy and marine corps. If you need forms immediately, please contact the bumed secretariat office at. Effective immediately, navy drug screening laboratories will add fentanyl and norfentanyl to the standard drug testing panel for urinalysis samples. Download and place file on the desktop and double click on the file to load the program. Urinalysis program coordinator opguide bb and pl discrepancy code frequently asked questions navy personnel command. Choose from 367 different sets of qa program navy flashcards on quizlet. All navy commands are required per instruction navadmin 10810 to. The navpac software, supplied on cdrom, enables navigators to easily compute their position at.

Incorporating change 1, effective february 14, 2018. As the command honor guard leader and coordinator, she trained eight sailors and ensured the flawlessly execution of 36 ceremonies for a number of commands in the san diego region. This film can be purchased on dvd and higher quality versions of the film can be purchased for stock footage purposes. Commanding officer, navy drug screening laboratory, 2500.

Each member is required to be tested using the navy drug testing program at least once during the fiscal year. Its visibility and the knowledge of its widespread use to detect drug abuse were also a. Rank email telephone number upc responsibilities did upc notify their echelon 3 adco of their appointment as command upc. Supervised the processing of over 500 pieces of official correspondence, 150 evaluationfitness reports, 60 awards, and 15 official messages. Automation and standardization of the program through software implementation can. Washington nns navy announced that the department of defense has expanded its ability to conduct random drug testing for manufactured opiate drugs june 3, in navadmin 12519. According to aviation machinists mate 2nd class cheryl coburn, assistant urinalysis program coordinator, national naval medical center, bethesda, md. The upc shall conduct urinalysis screenings at least four times a month using the navy drug screening program ndsp computer to randomly select between 15.

Department of navy chief information officer policy. The military drug test program military drug tests at meps, military active duty, national guard. Commander, navy personnel commandcommander, navy personnel. Quarterly reports are due the 15th of the following month. Forget about getting busted for cocaine, weed, or ecstasy the department of defense can now tell if you dont give a fuck. Nate anemaet urinalysis program coordinator us navy. Navy drug testing program software change to require dod. Navy urinalysis program for military personnel n20140005 redacted naval sea systems command and affiliated program executive offices management oversight for select acquisition category iii and iv programs, 19 december 20. Terms in this set 42 which navy instruction provides policy on the management of the command urinalysis program. The program supports mission readiness through deterrence and detection of drug abuse by military service members.

Modify ones own urine are a direct violation of navy s official urinalysis program. As with random testing, results can be used in courtmartials, article 15s, and involuntary discharges, to include service characterization. The cornerstone of the navy s success with its zero tolerance drug abuse policy is an aggressive and random urinalysis program. The navy is updating its urinalysis program to minimize exposure to the rapid spread of covid19. Navy announces expansion of urinalysis testing program. This award recognizes the federal operation that has remained a steadfast supporter of the schedules program over the years and has bought a wide variety of products and services. Dod requires all urinalysis samples submitted to any military drug lab have a barcoded specimen custody document dd 2624.

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