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If you are aware of any sources, it would be more than greatly appreciated. Another feature of this synth is its stereo mix in, a stereo input for. Roland juno106 analog polyphonic synthesizer reverb. It was the next major incarnation of the junoseries, following the juno60. Its got 116 pages but not one of them has a blank patch sheet. I attached two photos of what i received in the mail last week. Currently i have a juno 106 with 3 dead voice chips which are 1, 5, and 6. Juno60 vs juno106 page 2 vintage synth explorer forums.

Gyula hungary i love the new juno sounds the juno is now an absolute synth beast with the kiwi mod, a kiwi beast. Now, i have done 2 battery replacements on my juno 106 the average memory battery life is about 2 years. The roland juno106 is a synthesizer released by roland corporation in february 1984 features. All used electronic parts are tested and guaranteed working.

Oh, and can a juno60 patch be compatible with the 106. The sounds the juno106 produces bring you straight back to the 1980s. The manual with patch sheets can be downloaded here for reference. I could not find official roland patch sheets for the juno106 factory banks but thankfully i found some usercreated 106 banks which provided an excellent starting. The only voyager manual online is a different one from the one i got with mine.

The bad side of this though is that the patch loading tool for the juno106 only does a patch at a time no sysex loaddump capability, so you have to do the tedious patch edit and save for all 128 patches. These are 4 sheets, reproductions of the originals, of diagrams and adjustments for the 80s vintage juno 106 keyboard synthesizer. This way i can send notes and preset changes to the jv2080, and preset changes to the 106. The juno106 plugout is a complete acb reproduction with all of the features of the original including two chorus modes that define the 106 sound. These dramatic saw waves, pulsing basses, and twinkling arps will help your compositions bloom into dreamscapes of paradise and illusion. While it has virtually the same synth engine as the juno 60, the 106 added extensive midi control making it one of rolands first midiequipped synthesizers. Check out our inventory of new, used, and vintage gear. In addition to acidflavored bass and leads, there are ambient pads, melodic percussion, and even a spoton jupiter8 recreation of the legendary hoover sound that. As such, i shall only provide a parameter sheet for the yamaha dx100. The juno106 is a polyphonic synthesizer with six voices.

Testmode let you have three different keyassign modes. There is a high pass filter with 4 control positions, as well as a vcf low. It introduced rolands performance lever for pitch bends and modulation, which became a standard feature of roland instruments. I tried to recreate the sounds of this famous track with my roland juno106 original synth is sequential circuits pro one. This is the best of the best hardware synth upgrade ever. Kiwi106 upgrade for the roland juno106 kiwitechnics. Compare prices and shop roland juno106 analog synthesizers on reverb. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Count to 10, turn it back on and call up your patch. Roland ju06a boutique synthesizer musicians friend. I could use some help, if you guys have some or know a website that has pdf files. Midi hell a program for juno 106 and mac shareware pfarm.

The juno106 by roland was the first and so far only real analog synthesizer i owned. The program can create patches from scratch or receive and edit patches from the synthesizers memory. The main purpose of this page is to combine all of the stuff that i have collected for the jupiter6 and juno106 synthesizers onto one page. While it has virtually the same synth engine as the juno60, the 106 added extensive midi control making it one of rolands first midiequipped synthesizers. Roland has updated the firmware for the system8 synthesizer, adding the juno106 plugout, preloaded to the plugout 2 button in this video, matt and mark thibideau of torontobased group, repair, discuss the classic juno106 synth and share a performance with the system8.

The juno 106, sh101, and jupiter8 banks consist of 40 presets for each instrumentincluding bass, pad, lead, pluck, and effect patchesall optimized for techno production. In these cases the sound will often improve temporarily by turning the volume up past a certain threshold the greater signal strength will break through the oxide and briefly establish a good connection. Of all the members of the mighty juno line only the juno 6, first released in 1982, did not have patch memory. If it sounds the same as when you made it then you have successfuly replaced the memory battery on your juno. Google doesnt bring up a blank patch sheet however much i look. Another monster sized analog beast from roland that, like its big brother jupiter 8 weights a. At least, neither a manual search nor a text field search produced one. Designed for fast, effective, and intuitive sound designing, all the necessary controls. Juno104 80s juno juno106 pads subtractive synthesis synthesizer important. Although based on the same architecture of the earlier juno60, the 106 sounds seem to be more varied, and the sonic character also seems to differ. Roland juno106 sounds and patches kid nepro sounds.

Below you can find a patch sheet for your juno 6, but i have also included patch sheets for the juno 60 and juno 106 by special request. Fire the juno up with the keytranspose button pressed. Great news everyone dnaab 6, the guy who designed the replacement for the juno 106 chips, has just let me know he released a version two of his creation, which is smaller, better, and helps to keep your dog happy. Like the juno60, the juno106 is incredibly easy to use and is a great tool for anyone interested in learning about programming synthesizers.

There was also increased patch memory storage, up to 128 patches instead of the 56 patches available in the. The juno106 plugout is preloaded onto the plugout 2 button. Original factory patches roland juno106 patch names. I dont own nor have i ever played a real juno106, i solely used s juno106 librarian as reference, combined with these audio demos to verify. I can tape down the three dead voices and the juno.

Loss of patches due to battery failure was seen on 2 units, so im recommending replacing the battery now even if the voltage is good. This listing reflects our current inventory and is updated daily, so if a part is. The juno106 was later replaced by the alpha juno1 and alpha juno2 1986. Check out the roland juno106 technical specifications page at sweetwater the worlds leading music technology and instrument retailer. I hope you enjoy it more than i enjoyed dialing in all those sounds. While, yes, the 106 is very easy to program, i figured i want to get ideas from other people i nearly copied some patches from one youtube demo, all by ear. Its cool if you can find one because its like a portable juno 106 that you can play anywhere with those built in speakers. The only controlchange messages which were used and documented in the owners manual are. Patch a timbre sound selected in relation to the parameters and routings made. For better or worse, these are the patches we all remember. The one i owned had a silent third voice which wasnt critical for me, but then also the first voice broke and i wasnt able to get spare parts anywhere, so i sold it for a ridiculous amount of money. Juno1 juno2 juno6 juno60 juno106 junoddi junods61 junods76 junoggi junostage. Juno 106 librarian is written in java enabling it to work on all platforms with a java jre installed. The general consensus is that the juno60 sounds warmer, but i find that the 106 sounds roughly just as warm as the 60.

Be sure to add me your favorites list original roland u20 digital synthesizer timbre chart sound patch quick info sheet. The juno 106 librarian is a free application to edit sounds on a roland juno 106 synthesizer. View and download roland juno106 service notes online. Juno106 patches that faithfully recapture the sound of vintage acid house production, as well as modern melodic techno grooves. I opened up the roland juno 106 and once again took out the dead lower e key. Replacement carbon contacts for dead keys on roland juno 106. Highly lauded for its programmability and classic analog sound, the roland juno106 has earned a place in the hearts of synthlovers everywhere since its release in 1984. I hope that this simple collection will help you avoid the crap i had to go through. Windows program with a very unique approach to patch creation. Juno 106 librarian for windows with visual basic source. The juno 106 polyphonic synth is the more modern incarnation of the vintage juno line, debuting in 1984 and adding midi control to the junos six voice architecture. The other three work, but, i am still experiencing the extra noise that prevents me from using this in practice, live, or in recording. When i first got my juno and jupiter it took me ages to locate the presets, documentation, and other useful information.

Get the guaranteed best price on synthesizer modules like the roland ju06a boutique synthesizer at musicians friend. Roland juno106 technical specifications sweetwater. An oxide layer will form on the contacts and prevent good conduction, resulting in noise. The juno106 features 6voice polyphony, each voice having its own vcf. This video demonstrates the sound of the vintage roland juno106 polyphonic analog synthesizer. Before updating, make sure to backup your preset files they will appear as preset0. It was the next major incarnation of the juno series, following the juno 60. Six voices of polyphony, only two waveform choices plus a sub oscillator, resonant lowpass filter, one lfo, one envelope, onboard chorus and arpeggiator. Simply, a consumer level juno 106 with built in speakers and amplifier. There is a block diagram, a list with some illustrations of 12 adjustments, and a. I bought a bunch of original chips off ebay last year, and one of them already died, plus there is one more thats. Roland releases new juno 106 synth plugout for system8. Ju06s patches 18 are the same as the juno106s bank a 18, so i didnt cover those. Due to some small changes in the chipset, some users believe the 106 lacks some of the punch of the earlier juno 6 and 60, but the added flexibility of midi control is considerable.

Provides patches and manuals for a number of older synths. Nick usa i bought your juno 106 upgrade and it is amazing. The juno106 now joins the iconic jupiter8 as a plugout for the system8 synthesizer. In general, the juno106 does not use the midi command control change bn hex. The juno 106 also increased the memory to 128 patches from the 56 patch memory in the juno60. Mike i have been using your kiwi106 update for my juno installed by analogia. Before trying to use casette interface, i want to get switch and slider positions for the standard presets. Possibly the most popular vintage synth with edm producers and electronic musicians worldwide, the roland juno106 became legendary for its unique combination of incredible roland analog sound, simple and efficient interface, connectivity as one of the. Hi guys yesterday night a friend and i replaced the jack board and did a mod on my juno 106, hacking the patch shift input of the jackboard in order to use it as a input to feed sounds into the chours circuit of the juno 106.

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