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Shot over two years, this documentary explores the work of michael newton and the newton institute, with interviews, filmed past life regressions and life between life sessions. His book hacking the afterlife, 26 examines mediumship claims of new information from people no longer on the planet and compares these accounts to the near death experiences and afterlife reports from subjects under hypnosis. Martini was a humanities major at boston university, attended usc film school. A tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife, has become a best seller at amazon. Excerpts from the upcoming book with richard martini and jennifer shaffer interviewing people on the flipside.

Talk about the upcoming book its a wonderful afterlife. Based on his documentary about hypnotherapy and between life therapist michael newtons work destiny of souls, martinis book on the afterlife, flipside. Martini compares accounts of neardeath experiences with transcripts of hypnotherapy sessions of people under deep hypnosis to highlight their similarities. This week on the past lives podcast i am talking to richard martini. Each chapter is an exploration of what is said, research is done to verify details that are heard, and observations of the process are made. A tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife 9780970449986. Rich martini flipside a tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife. Refers to books flipside its a wonderful afterlife. Award winning filmmaker richard martini examines the work of michael newton. A tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife is another place to find me. Schwartz the sacred promise everyone should have a richard martini in. Author of flipside richard martini speaks to the upstate ny group in. Richard martini is a best selling author who either knew the people they seek to interview, or their class moderator luana anders on the flipside helps moderate the discussions. The kind of book where once you have read it, you will no longer be able to see the world in the same way again.

This is a blog for richard martini s books its a wonderful afterlife. Books one and two include numerous interviews with friends, pals, friends of friends with the help of luana anders, actress and conduit for medium intuitive jennifer shaffer, who accesses information directly from the flipside as the author richard martini asks questions. A tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife by. The tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife. I speak for a couple of hours each time on these topics, some of the stories are the same, and some are anecdotes, but by and large you can get a sense for free of what it is im talking about.

In this book, there are wide ranging interviews with people considered. Everyone who has ever lived continues to exist on the flipside and if. I replied that she had found the right richard martini at least in terms of being pals with jay on the flipside. This book is right up there with michael newtons work. Hence the past ten years, two documentaries flipside and talking to bill paxton on gaia and 8 books about the flipside research. His first documentary film special olympians won the 1980 mexico city international film festival. Richard martini has 21 books on goodreads with 730 ratings. Flipside book talk richard martini life after death. The documentary based on the book was picked up by gaiam tv for distribution in 2014. You can always go to paypal, dont have to be a subscriber, and add my email richmartini at yahoo and send whatever you can if you want to keep me on this path. You can find them by searching my last name, martini, the name of the book flipside and youtube. Flipside book chat with richard martini its a wonderful afterlife. Richard martini born march 12, 1955 is an awardwinning american film director, producer, screenwriter and free lance journalist.

For those fans of architecture of the afterlife and backstage pass to the flipside 3 they know the alpha and omega makes a number of appearances in both books. Further adventures in the flipside volumes one and two available in paperback and kindle through and flipside. One is a live demonstration of the technique with a woman who came out of the audience and was having. Interviews and transcripts of deep hypnosis session where people talk about the afterlife with uncanny uniformity. A tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife by richard martini. Robert thurman why the dalai lama matters inspiring, well written and entertaining. A tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife by richard martini for free with a 30 day free trial.

After losing my only daughter, richard martinis books and other. Richard martini speaks at the international foundation for survival research in irvine, ca. A tourists guide on how to navigate the afterlife by martini. He then made his feature film directorial debut with the quintessential 80s comedy tnt you cant hurry love, which featured the debut of bridget fonda. There was one chapter in the middle of the book that did not belong. Rich martini and the story of flipside boomers rock. Richard martini explores in a fascinating manner the concepts and ideas presented by dr newtons. He graduated magna cum laude from boston university with a degree in humanities, attended usc film school and is a 2008 graduate of the master of professional writing program at usc. Richard martini born 12 march 1955 is an american film director, producer, screenwriter and.

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